Why StartCoin? Why now?

On a cold wintery evening, sixteen months ago, I found myself walking through the streets of Shoreditch. Max Keiser was leading me to the first offices of a fledgling crowdfunding company, ‘StartJoin,' (I have the honor of stating that I was the first non sweat equity investor in StartJoin). Max was very excited about a new project that was his team were working on which had its naissance in merging crowdfunding with the still green crypto-currency world.

When we arrived at the office, I was introduced to two bright young men: Jamie Scott and Simon Shaw. Along with Max, they formed the team behind this exiting new startup. Jamie and Simon began to explain to me about the new branch of the Start empire that was then in development. This was the first time, that I can recall, that I heard the phrase 'StartCoin.'  I will be the first to admit that at the time the thought, Here comes another alt-coin flashed through my mind. The pitch was in its early stages and I readily admit I was not smart enough or visionary enough to grasp the enormity of the big picture that was being painted for me. If I had, I would have slapped my check book down on the desk there and then and secured as big a stake as I could convince Max and the lads to sell! When I get around to writing my memoirs, that decision (or lack of) will get a mention under the title major mistakes!

Flash forward 12 months and the Start empire is far more developed and apparent.  Let me be CRYSTAL clear, what I believe were seeing here is the foundations of a mega fin-tech corporation!  There is no other alt-coin out there in the market today which has developed an economic system or infrastructure which is as developed or creates real world value as StartCoin. Take a look at the following image which details the emerging companies which are using the power of StartCoin to facilitate the funding of new and exciting startups; providing them with a way to connect in a secure, easy and nearly cost free way with their clients in order to send and receive payments.

My belief in the Start ecosystem is to a point that I am in the process of spear heading the launch of a new fund: StartFund,  its uniqueness in the world made possible thanks to StartCoin and the 'Start' family of companies. StartFund is going through the final stages of bureaucratic and administrative setup (sadly in this world we are still required to deal with 19th century technology and efficiency when dealing with Government entities).

StartFund is leveraging StartCoin to access all markets and all opportunities in the global market instantly. By using StartCoin as the underlying platform for remittances, purchases and payments, StartFund will be able to move more quickly and with a greater agility than any previous fund to date. There are effectively no markets we cannot access, no asset class that we cannot profit from. Our clients will be able to leverage the power of crypto graphical communication and security to access their accounts securely in real time, 24/7. Returns will be delivered to clients anywhere in the world instantly and they can then use all of the amazing tools that the Start Family affords in order to make purchases, pay bills, send money overseas or contribute to funding new and exciting startup projects through StartJoin.

The major benefit that StartFund has over a traditional fund is the access to opportunities that the Start platform provides. One of the powers of the Start platform is to help take a company from inception and seed capital (StartJoin) all the way to a public offering (Bitcoin Capital/Bank to the Future). Thanks to StartCoin, StartFund will be able to participate in these exciting opportunities, along with other traditional assets, whether they be in the FOREX, equities or commodities' markets.

Now that StartFund has wrapped up its administration setup we will be launching our full fledged site and introducing a crowdfunding campaign on StartJoin which will offer the public an opportunity to participate in the exciting journey that StartFund is about to embark on. In the near future, StartFund will also be offering an opportunity to benefit from this innovative fund as well as providing a return, which will be a minimum of 10x, the return of the S&P500 for 2015 to date.

Its important to note that StartFund, much like the entire Start platform itself, is not just about making money, its about giving back and helping to Start revolutions and Join revolutions. With that in mind StartFund will be using its profits to help make peoples dreams come through by backing the entire StartJoin leaderboard to funded!  Once a year, to celebrate the very first StartCoin transaction, StartFund will help celebrate Start Day by backing EVERY single project listed on StartJoin.

Those of you who follow me on social media know that I have made it clear that the price of StartCoin is not something that concerns me. I have examined the Start platform, investigated the opportunities that it creates, and quantified the market needs that it satisfies. I am buying StartCoin not because I believe I can flip it in a week, a month, or even a year, Im buying it because it's facilitating an entire fin-tech revolution, and I want to be right in the middle of that revolution! StartCoin is so much more than a cryptocurrency, its an entirely new financial ecosystem!

About the Author

Karl Gray

Author & Editor

Karl has been investing in financial markets all over the world for the last 10 years. Forecasting both the commodities bull markets of the naughties and the rise of crypto currencies, Karl has a proven track record in identifying global trends.


  1. Total shite

  2. What fucking planet are you on? It's Craigslist for a subset of people who trade in a minority cryptocurrency.
    Max Keiser sold you a bunch of bollocks.

  3. I suggest that you stick with the #1 Forex broker - eToro.

  4. Fuck me. Startcoin is finished man. Doesn't matter how much Max the Pump and Dump sold you, it's finished.

    And there are 2000 crowdfunding sites globally.

    Have you ever run a business?
    Have you ever managed a software development project?

    And this - "it’s an entirely new financial ecosystem!" - is just total and utter shite.
    Who the fuck needs one of those?

    Look man, you have to understand Max is not a financial analyst. He never has been. He was a broker, i.e. salesperson. He also patented some software that did his job to create virtual markets, but that is not taking risk its just order book matching and taking the vig in the middle.

    He's never run a business that worked, he's never been an entrepreneur and he's never managed a portfolio. He just matched orders and talked to get sales.

    What you are finding out right now and what he found out when the CTO fucked off is execution is much much harder than it looks.


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